Fashiolista launches iPhone app for fashion inspiration on the go

Fashiolista launches iPhone app for fashion inspiration on the go

Fashiolista, the Dutch social shopping startup with a focus on fashion, has launched an iPhone app to help its users get a spot of inspiration while they’re out and about.

In case it’s passed you by, Fashiolista is a service which launched at last year’s The Next Web Conference and lets users share the clothing and accessories that they like online. While browsing fashion websites, you click a ‘Love’ button in your browser whenever you spot something that appeals to you. The item is then sent through to your Fashiolista account where your followers will see it and can ‘Love’ it themselves. This helps build up a constantly changing list of ‘hot’ items.

The new app provides convenient access to your Fashiolista account on the go, letting you see your latest Loves and those of other users while browsing the currently most popular items on the service. For real fashion addicts who enjoy regular trips out to clothes shops (I’ll count myself out here), this could be a really useful app to have around, especially if you’ve built up a strong presence on Fashiolista and follow lots of people to gain inspiration from.

One thing you can’t do as yet is ‘Love’ items while you’re in the shop. Competing service Nuji offers an iPhone app that allows users to add items to their profile by taking a photograph of its barcode. However, Nuji isn’t as focused on one particular market. If Fashiolista can add some way of ‘Loving-on-the-go’, this app would be the perfect mobile accompaniment to the website.

Still, if you’re a fashion addict, you might well find yourself becoming a Fashiolista addict too. The iPhone app is available to download free now.

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