Draw beautiful cloud art with the Klowdz HTML5 app

Draw beautiful cloud art with the Klowdz HTML5 app

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and spotted a shape that looks like an animal, person or object? Klowdz is a new web app built in HTML5 that builds on the idea by letting you draw pictures on top of the shapes you spot in the sky.

It sounds like a simple idea but it’s actually great fun once you get into it, and really relaxing to boot. Taking your choice from a selection of 63 cloudscapes, a selection of stylish, high-quality brushes let you sketch out that your mind’s eye sees.

The execution reminds me of Autodesk’s SketchBook app in the way that even those without a shred of artistic ability in their body (I raise my own hand here) can easily create beautiful images. If you need inspiration, a gallery of masterpieces from other users is available to browse and there’s clearly some real cloud art talent out there.

Once you’re done, images can be saved locally to your computer or uploaded to a free Klowdz account that also lets you participate in the app’s community, voting and commenting on others’ work. So, fire up your HMTL5-supporting browser and get spotting shapes.

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