Posterous introduces photo slideshows from any page

Posterous introduces photo slideshows from any page

If you’re like us, and chance are good that you are, you tend to post a lot of pictures to Posterous. While the gallery feature is awesome, and we love how easy it is to create a great looking page, sometimes it would be nice to create a slideshow from all of those pictures that you’ve loaded onto the site.

Hearing that request, the Posterous team has been hard at work and has just released a slideshow feature across the site. Now, when you’re viewing a photo, you can view a slideshow just by clicking on the included link over the photo:

Want more ways to do it? OK, here you go:

Yes, right there from your toolbar, you can view a slideshow of your own images. Note that we said images. Videos aren’t supported, just yet. But the feature is brand new and still very cool. For now, we’re happy to get the new slideshows.

Almost surely, more features will be implemented as time goes on. Being able to do a slideshow from a single gallery, perhaps, would be a great feature. We’ll let you know as the Posterous team updates things. For now, just sit back and enjoy the slides.

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