The evolution of classifieds adds product image recognition and augmented reality The evolution of classifieds adds product image recognition and augmented reality

Where does one turn when they want to purchase an item, or conversely, sell an item? Yes, classified ads in the newspaper still exist, but there are also options such as Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and even Facebook’s Marketplace.  So many options, but there must be better way.

In a similar vein, where does one turn to find great deals on a litany of items such as food, vehicles, housing, and more?  Food? Perhaps Groupon is offering a deal that strikes your fancy, but more than likely not.  Vehicles? Again, try eBayCraigslist or simply conduct a Google search.  Housing? Your guess is as good as mine. (free) is an iPhone and Android app combines classified ads, buying and selling of items and searching for great deals, into one, easy-to-use app with some incredible new features with its most recent update, Version 2.1.

Download the app, launch it, and once determines your location (the app works in the United States, Canada and England), one is presented with deal posts near where you are.  Tap on any of the listings and additional information is provided depending on what kind of item another is peddling.

One of the really neat features of is anyone can become the seller of an item in a mere 10 seconds.  Sign up,  take a photo of the product you would like to sell, identifies the product with its new image recognition feature, which also works if you scan an item’s bar code, and that’s it! That which you’re selling is now up for sale, for free, on’s private social network, or one can opt to share the sale on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Concerned about privacy?  Likewise.  Thankfully has its users covered. With nearby location = “Close Location-based,” allowing sellers to choose an area near where the item is actually sold to protect your true location.

Other grand features of 2.1 include increased ability for local business to offer deals and advertise using the app.  Companies can place their ads on and users can retrieve full reports on a post complete with number of views, click-through, calls, replies, shares, bookmarks, and even a complete a sale with a one-click payment system.

The killer feature has added, as if those mentioned aren’t enough to draw you in, is a new augmented reality feature.

On the “Nearby” section of the app, select “3D View” and posts near you are presented using augmented reality.  A super feature which adds mightily to’s appeal. was a good app.  With the new features added in the app’s latest update, it’s truly great.  Allowing users to buy and sell items quickly and in a dead simple manner, exchange information on the best nearby deals, and more, all for free, makes an app you’ll want to add to your iPhone or Android device.

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