CityPockets: A Digital Wallet for Social Coupons

CityPockets: A Digital Wallet for Social Coupons

Social coupon services like Groupon and Living Social can potentially save you a lot of cash with discounted vouchers. Although, it’s pretty easy to lose track of them, and if you’re using a bunch of these coupon services, you might even forget to use them before the expiry dates. Here’s where the new service CityPockets comes in handy.

New York-Based startup CityPockets, gives deal-hunters a way to manage multiple coupon services in one tidy place. It’s a free service that imports your vouchers from deal sites like Groupon, Living Social and Boards Deals, and it will organize them and remind you when the coupon is close to expiring.

How it Works

After a user adds their credentials on each deal site they belong to, CityPockets will list all of the vouchers within its elegant coupon organizer, and will place them in categories. There are several ways to view deals; by the type of coupon (dining, retail) and by date.


To ensure a deal is never missed, users can browse deals by those expiring this week or in one to six months. But, it will send you a reminder when something is about to expire. There’s also an option to see all of the deals overlaid on a map, a super handy tool to use (or print) before hitting the town. Overall, both the categories feature and the way it sorts the deals by date is a major win.

If you’re serious about deals, this is going to save you time because by using CityPockets you no longer need to log-in to multiple sites. Another benefit of the service, is it enables users to easily pull up coupons from their mobile phones or print a PDF’s of each coupon from one place. And, the option to view your entire list of coupons on a map and receive reminders is kinda nifty. We’d like to hear what you think. Would you use this service?

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