Yahoo! Mail gets an update with colorful themes and social features

Yahoo! Mail gets an update with colorful themes and social features

If you haven’t jumped ship on Yahoo! yet and hopped on the Gmail train, just know that Yahoo! is still here for you. In response to customer feedback, Yahoo! Mail has added a bunch of great new features that will go live this week for Yahoo! Mail Beta users around the world. New features include:

Yahoo! is bringing back their colorful, playful themes. To access their new gallery of themes, go to the Help drop-down menu at the top left of the page, select Themes and check out their gallery.

Yahoo! is also bringing back their Calendar and Notepad features. With the new release, users will have access to both Calendar and Notepad in the Applications section on the bottom left corner. Calendar and Notepad will be more deeply integrated into Mail in the near future.

Yahoo! now lets users upload multiple attachments at once. Just hold down your Ctrl, Shift or Command key and select all the files you want to attach.

Yahoo! is getting more social. Users can now get their Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter updates all under one tab, marked “Updates.”

Yahoo! Mail for Beta users will continue to release updates in response to customer feedback in the weeks ahead.

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