Facto! is a place for posting facts about yourself #Fact


Facto! is a place for you to tell the world how interesting you are by posting facts that people might not know about you.

The Facto! service gives users a unique profile page that displays your entire list of amazing facts, and each fact itself has a unique url similar to a Twitter status update making sharing easy.


Adding facts is similar to creating a status update on Facebook and Twitter and they’re discoverable by the Facto! community. The facts can be voted up and each one can be “liked” on Facebook and shared on Twitter. There’s currently no way to “follow” people within Facto! but each profile page provides a direct link to your Twitter page.


This service is great for posting self-centered facts about yourself that nobody asked for. But hey, maybe it will spark a conversation or garner you a few followers on Twitter. And, it’s an interesting link to add some flavour to your bio and a cool way for people to get to know you. This service falls in line with other egotistical services that assist us social folk in sharing pictures of our cats (Facebook), our location “check-ins” (FourSquare) and what we’re up to (Twitter).

Fact: Kyle Bragger, the creator of Facto! is also the founder of Forrst, a community for developers and designers to share knowledge about their craft.

Fact: I find it comical that Kyle’s last name is Bragger, considering the theme of Facto!. Just Sayin.

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