Don’t Dial. The “do not call list” you need for the new year and your new ex

Don’t Dial. The “do not call list” you need for the new year and your new ex

It seems like only 4 days ago it was 2010.  Perhaps at that time you were in love and looking forward to what the new year would bring for both you and the object of your affection.  You had the world on a string, the world was yours, nothing could bring you down, (insert other clichés here).

Suddenly unexpected things began rearing their ugly heads as 2011 rolled in.  You repeatedly, mistakenly, write 2010 as the date on checks (do people still use checks?), you’ve already broken a resolution or two, and some may have found the person they loved wants nothing to do with them, visa versa, or it’s a mutual parting of the ways.

Regardless of the reason, a new resolution, in the form of not wanting to call your ex, may have presented itself as one you’d like to keep.

Don’t Dial ($.99) from Cuttlefish Industries, available for both Android devices and iPhone, is what you need when your resolve weakens, be it due to alcohol, your codependent nature, or any other reason you can conjure up which has you believing you need to call your ex.

Using the app is super simple.  I took the iPhone version for a spin and here’s how it works:

Open the app on your phone, and select “I’m Going Out!” While the app is designed for those with a penchant for drunk dialing, it can, as I will attest to, be used anytime.

To prevent one from contacting a single, or multiple, individual(s) listed in one’s phone contacts, the app provides two lock options.  A “Time Lock Safe” which prevents you from calling the contacts you add to your list for a specified amount of time, or a “Password Protected” option.  The latter enlists the aid of a friend to set a secret password, preventing one from communicating with your designated contacts, which expires after 24 hours.

Once those you do not want to communicate with have been selected, select “Lock” and absent the expiration of the timer, or entry of the password, you’re prevented from contacting those you’ve locked.

If you attempt to communicate with a locked individual, their contact information will appear as follows in your iPhone’s “Contacts” app.

Phone numbers and email addresses are blocked from your drunk dials, failed attempts at reconciliation, and/or other forms of harassing contact.

The timer continues counting down until hopefully you’ve calmed down.  12 hours in, and you still want to contact a blocked individual?  Too bad.  Trying results in an email with nothing but a series of x’s (humorous if you think about it when you consider your ex may be the person you’re trying to contact).

Bottom line, Don’t Dial is an app for those who lack self-control.  Don’t Dial is for those who find themselves wanting to contact recent exes, old flames, a friend who doesn’t enjoy your drunk dials, or anyone you wish to annoy, at anytime, for no other reason than the fact that you are a dolt.

If you have any of the character traits listed above, Don’t Dial is an app you’ll want to punch up and begin using as quickly as possible.  It could save you from more than a few embarrassing situations.

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