Skype for iPhone now has video calls and desktop support

Skype for iPhone now has video calls and desktop support

We’ve talked about this for a few days now, and it appears that it’s starting to become official. The latest update of Skype for iPhone shows a couple of great improvements that iPhone users have been waiting to see:

Of course, a couple of caveats are included for your viewing pleasure. You’ll need to have iOS 4.0 or above, and if you’re using an iPod Touch, you’ll need the 4th in order for the update to show for you. That aside, the update will work on iPhone 4 and 3GS to keep you upgrade-happy people in video calling nirvana.

We’re giving a download and we’ll let you know what we find. In the mean time, to whet the appetite of you Verizon iPhone lovers, the LA Times is reporting an interesting finding inside of the Skype system.

Do you see what we see? That appears to be a big Verizon logo, on a how-to for video calls on the iPhone. Let the rumor mills get moving once more…

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