mixeeba: Turning DJ sets and tracklists into linked shopping lists

mixeeba: Turning DJ sets and tracklists into linked shopping lists

I used to do a weekly, online radio show. For three hours, each week, I’d play the newest and best tracks that I could find. While I’m not presently doing the show, I still get a huge amount of requests for the tracklists from them. Beyond that, though, I often get the question of “where can I buy it?”

mixeeba is solving the problem of a fractured music buying market by making it easier for DJ’s and fans to find where to purchase tracks. With a variety of options, depending on your need, the mixeeba crew is really onto something cool.

For instance, in March I aired a guest mix from a DJ on my show. His tracklist contained quite a few items which weren’t yet released, but are now available. Pasting the tracklist into the Instant section on mixeeba, I’m provided with a listing that shows 4 of the 12 tracks being available, plus links to the relative stores.

While this option is handy for listeners, the choices for DJ’s or producers are even greater. First, you can choose to have your tracklist output in HTML, BBCode or even take a peek at the rendered HTML version. Want to upload tracklists to your site and have them automatically linked? There’s even a JavaScript addition to do just that. Interestingly, mixeeba even manages to pick through remixed versions of tracks with ease.

What do we want to see added? Affiliate options would be great, for those who publish tracklists using the JavaScript addition. That way, if a site that is linked uses an affiliate program, the blog or site owner could stand a chance of getting paid.  But beyond that? Not a thing that we can think of at the moment. It’s handy and it works. What more can you ask for?

Give mixeeba a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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