6 Solid Alternatives to Delicious

6 Solid Alternatives to Delicious

We’ve just reported that Yahoo may be closing down Delicious, its popular bookmarking service along with Yahoo Buzz and the Traffic APIs.

Here at The Next Web, we’ve gotten together a list of other great bookmarking services that are if you will, “healthy alternatives” to soon to be gone Delicious.

1. Google Bookmarks is one of the most popular bookmarking tools that is incredibly easy to use. It lets you sort by date and title and organize your bookmarks into lists.

2. Pinboard.in, while not free like the others ($6.98) is one of the most popular bookmarking sites out there, in which users are guaranteed to never lose their data.

3. Diigo is better known as “social bookmarking 2.0” because it’s both a collaborative research tool and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site.

4. Historio.us: is a dead simple, easy to use one-click bookmarking site.

5. Zootool this creative and awesome web application places an emphasis on saving visual content, so it’s pretty much like if FFFFound, Tumblr and Delicious had a baby.

and how could we forget…

6. Mister Wong this European based social bookmarking tool has been around almost as long as delicious and should have an archive size equal to Delicious’. You can also connect Mister Wont to twitter and have it automatically import links. Oh and it’s also available in six different languages too.

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