Google Maps for Android goes 3D, finally works offline

Google Maps for Android goes 3D, finally works offline

The new version of Google Maps for Android recently previewed in a Nexus S video is finally available to download today.

The latest version of the app has had a visual overhaul. You can now explore the map in 3D; tilting, rotating and zooming your way around. This will be especially useful in cities like New York which has been mapped out with 3D buildings within Google Maps. Other areas won’t have quite the same stunning visual appeal, but being able to get your bearings in 3D should be a boon nevertheless.

The other big new feature is that you can now view maps offline. Yes, finally Google Maps Mobile isn’t completely useless when you lose a signal (which might be when you need it most). If you use Maps for in-car navigation, the app will now re-route you in offline mode too.

The offline mode will work by creating a cache of the maps you load while you have a signal. If the signal drops, the maps stay available. Impressively, the app will automatically start caching the areas you visit the most when your device is plugged in and connected to WiFi, such as when you’re giving your phone its nightly charge.

The new version of Maps is available now in the Android Market, go grab it!

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