Fancy launches fabulous iPhone app to curate your style anytime, anywhere

Fancy launches fabulous iPhone app to curate your style anytime, anywhere

One of the sites I spend the majority of my time on is Fancy.  With the launch of a grand, new, free, iPhone app, Fancy will now commandeer even more of my time.

What is Fancy?

“Fancy is for curators of style. It’s part blog, part magazine and part bookmarking tool.”

“It’s a place to share and discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things that define your style, to create a museum of Me.”

“We built it because we love to show off the things we have and to window-shop for things we admire”

An incredible idea, carried out in an equally incredible manner, Fancy is, if you haven’t already experienced it (it is an experience), something you need to.  As soon as possible.

Fancy features gadgets, art, fashion, media and more, added by users who, while visiting websites, click the “Add to Fancy” below one’s web browser bookmark bar, to add anything to one’s Fancy page.

For example, on my Fancy profile (below), I’ve collected items I find fascinating, items I want for my future home, items I want tattooed, and items I want for my iPhone, among many other things.

Profiled on TNW a little over a month ago, at that time one had to be invited to Fancy.  While that’s still the case if you desire to use Fancy through your browser, those with an iPhone can register for the site and bypass the invite only system.

The idea behind the Fancy iPhone app is to further develop a social network built around items from the world around us.

Using Fancy on the Internet, when one sees something interesting a simple clip and tag of the item adds it to one’s stream.

Now, with the iPhone app that experience becomes limitless.  Download the Fancy iPhone app, spot something, snap it and it’s added to your profile and your stream.

So how does the Fancy’s iPhone app look and work?  Here’s your first peak…

There’s more.  When one captures and submits a photo, it will go into their system along with the location where the photo was taken.  The system will then match it to their database providing one with a link to additional information on the web regarding the product, including where one can purchase the item.

Super neat, and an app I, for one, have been waiting to arrive for sometime having already downloaded and used the app from those behind Fancy, thingd.

What’s next for Fancy?  In speaking with Joseph Einhorn of thingd,

Android and iPad apps, additional features for the iPhone app, the ability to add items to one’s Fancy profile by scanning bar codes (thingd maintains one of, if not the largest databases of product codes in existence >100mm product codes)”

An incredible site, an incredible iPhone app, and what appears to be an incredible future, Fancy is trending upward at a parabolic rate.  If you have yet to try Fancy, I encourage you to do so.  Once you do, you’ll immediately realize what’ve you’ve been missing and after using it for sometime, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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