Digg adds onsite notifications and additional email notifications in latest update

Digg adds onsite notifications and additional email notifications in latest update

Just a short time ago, Digg announced that it added two new features aimed at making it easier for users to communicate with fellow Digg friends. The update is two-fold and it contains the initial release of some expanded notification options, a very welcomed addition to the site that has been under fire from users since made the transition to V4 all the way back in August.

Digg’s new release is centered around the expansion of the current notification options. This initial update is comprised of additional email notification options as well as the ability to receive onsite notifications.

Here is how both of these work, let’s start with the email notifications: the update allows users to keep tabs on stories that followers have also taken action on. For instance, you post a story and a follower comments or Diggs said story, you then receive an email telling you so. This is highly customizable and you can check out the host of options here.

If you’re not a fan of email delivery and you prefer to get updated on the site itself, well, now you can do that too. The second feature that Digg has added to V4 is onsite notification. As you can see in the photo below, there is now a little broadcast icon in the top right corner that will display any new notifications you get in number form.

When you click on that little icon, it will bring up a drop down menu that shows you the five most recent notifications with any new ones highlighted in yellow.

Simple and very effective, at least for me thus far. Now, this is just an initial roll out. Digg is prepared to make changes based on feedback it gets from users, so if you see something wrong or you just feel like ranting, make sure you drop them a line. They’ve also made it known that they are thinking about implementing some other notifications including:

  • Notify me when a story I submitted gains an extra N diggs
  • Notify me when a comment I posted gains an extra N diggs
  • Notify me when someone comments in a thread I commented in
  • Notify me when a story I submitted is promoted
  • Notify me when someone I’m following submits a story

Those, especially that comment thread one, would likely prove to be especially useful.

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