CardMunch unleashes grand updates, making your iPhone a full-featured mobile rolodex

CardMunch unleashes grand updates, making your iPhone a full-featured mobile rolodex

CardMunch, Inc. has just released an updated version of their grand productivity app, CardMunch 2.0 (free).  One of the really great things about the app is the need to never again worry about cluttering your phone’s address book. Store contacts in the CardMunch app or your iPhone’s address book.

In addition, with CardMunch one will never lose a contact. The app backs up and syncs all your contacts to your web account and phone. You can log in to any phone and recover all your contacts.

CardMunch works by transcribing, editing and reviewing every business card you submit, including going so far as to crop the company logos from one’s business cards.

All one has to do to add a contact is  hover your phone over a business card, and CardMunch automatically detects when the card is in range and takes a picture. Further, a multishot feature allows one to submit a stack of cards at a single time.

Now, by adding additional super neat features, CardMunch 2.0 is an app which turns your iPhone into an even greater full-featured mobile rolodex.

According to CardMunch CEO Bowei Gai,

“Since August, we have provided over 3,600 hours of quality transcription work to our users, making CardMunch one of the most useful tools for business users. In version 2.0, we’re taking it one step further. Beyond providing 100% accurate transcriptions, CardMunch 2.0 will help you view, find and connect with your contacts easier than ever before. CardMunch is your new personal contact assistant.”

The first new feature is the CardFlow Mobile Rolodex to browse through all your business cards. Turning the phone sideways reveals a splendid view of user’s business cards. CardMunch’s mobile rolodex allows users to swipe through their business cards CoverFlow style, enlarge each card, and show the details of each transcription.

CardMunch has also added LinkedIn integration (1-tap to connect), now seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn, the professional network with 85M users. After adding your LinkedIn account, inviting someone to join your LinkedIn network is as easy as a single tap, offering a dead simple way to connect with your contacts.

The app has also added full search capability on all fields including address and notes.  CardMunch users are not limited to iPhone’s standard search by name and company. CardMunch 2.0 offers full-text search on anything and everything including title, email addresses, phone numbers, notes and address.

Some other great features of the app include ability to view a contact’s information as soon as you capture it, and follow-up with the contact after meeting them to provide them with your contact information.

CardMunch 2.0 is available on the iTunes App Store today for iPhone 3GS and 4. The app is now a free download (previously $2.99), with new users receiving 20 free credits to try CardMunch’s transcription service, good for 20 business cards. Additional credits can be purchased via In-App purchases or on through CardMunch’s site.

CardMunch has expanded support and is now available in the Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Support for Android and BlackBerry coming soon.

CardMunch is a must-have app for anyone who receives disdains entering contact information and collecting physical business cards.  The app is super simple to use, employs a wonderful design, and is feature-rich, all at a price that is too good to be true.

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