Twitter analytics, sentiment and trend tracking done right. Twitter analytics, sentiment and trend tracking done right.

The problem that a lot of businesses have, when trying to connect with customers,  is measuring sentiments and trends. Beyond that, however, it’s even more difficult to get specific. What if you wanted to find out, for instance, the sentiment around mommy bloggers? You could start searching around different sites, picking through Twitter and the like. But what if you wanted to get really specific and find out what mommy bloggers in San Francisco thought about the MacBook Air? That’s a daunting task. is a new product, from the folks over at PeopleBrowsr that manages to pull in all of that information for you. But information is only useful when it’s provided in a clean, organized manner. This is where really excels. Instead of just putting you in front of a firehose, it organizes that data into sortable, simple graphs and charts on the fly.

Want a closer look? Here’s our walk-through:

Now, how about more examples? Let’s say that you wanted to find out what people are saying good about Coke, but bad about Pepsi. Normally this would take hours, if not days, to even get the beginnings of an idea. makes this incredibly easy by filtering out all of the information that you don’t want and providing you only with the things that you do.

So what all can do? Here’s a basic run-down:

  • Social/Interest Graphs
  • Instant Demographics
  • Degrees of Separation
  • Real-time Sentiment
  • Viral Analytics

The ability to have all of this information at your fingertips is a goldmine. The fact that you can do it all from within the familiar, Twitter-like interface is just icing on the cake. is giving brand managers and their like the ability to find information on the fly that simply would take hours if not days to have found before.

But it all comes at a price. Focused on brands that can afford to take the plunge, will cost you $99 per month for each user. Want to step up and add other features? You can do that, for the mind-bending price of $500 per month.

While we’ve not seen a product that goes as in depth as does, that pricing is going to be a hard thing to overcome for many brands. But if you have the cash to lay out, even for only a month, the insight might just be worth it.

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