Analytics app ClickyTouch comes to iPad

Analytics app ClickyTouch comes to iPad

When analytics application ClickyTouch came out for iPhone we were enamored with it. Being big fans and users of Clicky Web Analytics, having a great way to view it on the go was a godsend.

Not content to leave well enough alone, in version 1.2 of the application developer Steve Reynolds brought the app to the iPad. Version 1.2 is a hybrid application that works on both iPad and iPhone. I took the time to give it a quick trial this morning and found it to be even better than the iPhone-only edition.

Below are my thoughts and screenshots, but before we get to that we do have five free copies of the application to give away. If you want a promo code, leave a comment telling us why you need the app more than anyone else. The first five good comments we receive will get a promo code and save the $3 the app costs.

If you read our review of the application for iPhone you are familiar with what we are discussing. ClickyTouch tracks the following data from your Clicky account: Live Active Visitors, Bounce Rates, Time Average, Overall Visitors, Actions, Searches, Bookmarks, Links, Social Media, Goals and Campaigns.

New in version 1.2 is the ability to go back in time to any specific day, allowing you to get a much better historical view of your site on the iPad. It’s hard to imagine ever going to back to not having that capability.

This is what the interface looks like on iPad (we are using mostly press screenshots as the sites in my personal Clicky account are too low-traffic to be interesting):

The following image shows off how the application handles date ranges, allowing you to create different graphs:

Finally, this is a shot of traffic to my personal blog over the last 30 days, feel free to laugh:

Our view is this, if you use Clicky and own an iPad you need to get ClickyTouch. Sound off in the comments for your free copy. [Disclosure: my friends run and own Clicky Web Analytics]

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