Typekit now lets you use your own fonts

Typekit now lets you use your own fonts

For some time, Typekit has provided font fanatics with a way to use hundreds of unique non web-safe fonts on their site. Today marks a landmark in the development of the service with the announcement that sites can now use their own custom fonts in their designs.

If you’re not familiar with Typekit, it is a subscription-based service that handles all of the legal aspects of using non-web safe fonts on websites.

With the announcement today,  if you have your own font, you can now serve it through your Typekit account at no additional charge. Also (and this has been available for some time) if you purchase a license from either FontShop or ProcessType, you can also serve those fonts through Typekit as well at no addition cost. Typekit says that they are working on forming partnerships with other foundries as well – fingers crossed Hoefler & Frere-Jones sign up soon.

For power/corporate users of Typekit, the Typekit blog says:

Moreover, our corporate partners get all the benefits of Typekit’s outstanding service — fast and easy setup, optimized character sets, support across a wide range of platforms and devices, vertical metrics tools for ensuring your fonts are aligned properly, and a global server infrastructure.

Typekit lists The New Yorker, the New York Times and the Harvard Business Review as some of the publications already using this service. Here’s a shot of The New Yorker’s homepage using its NY Irvin and NY Vogue Goat fonts, served through Typekit (and the same fonts will be served over all web platforms, including on the iPad):

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