Checkout this check-in app. ScreenTribe. TV and film check-ins with a Netflix and charitable twist

Checkout this check-in app. ScreenTribe. TV and film check-ins with a Netflix and charitable twist

TNW Quick Hit

ScreenTribe allows one to see what friends are watching on television or film, tune in to get points, badges, and even real life rewards.

Hits: Connect your Netflix account for tuning in to your recently watched queue, earn real life prizes like movie tickets, t-shirts, and the opportunity to donate to charities.

Misses: Earning additional points for adding the television channel one’s viewing a program on can be difficult.  Takes a truckload of points to earn rewards for movie tickets, t-shirts and others.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Media check-ins are fun and gaining in popularity.  With new services cropping up daily, the question for these offerings centers on differentiating their product from those of their competitors.

GetGlue offers rewards in the form of stickers and recently tangible items, in addition to allowing user to check-in to more than simply television and films..  Miso, another media check-in app, is very well-designed, offer its own brand of rewards and narrows its product offering on television and film check-ins, with some unique features such as being able to follow programs and checking in to specific episodes.

ScreenTribe (free) is similar to the two options above, but with a unique twist.  Like its aforementioned competitors, ScreenTribe offers apps across multiple platforms, iPhone, iPad, Android, and browser-based.

With ScreenTribe, users can see what friends are watching or share what they’re watching with friends. One of the really neat features of ScreenTribe involves what one receives when checking in.  Going further than simply offering a sticker, points, or badges, on ScreenTribe, every time one shares what they’re watching, they earn points which be redeemed later for real life prizes like movie tickets, gift cards, or allowing one to make a charitable donation.

Begin by downloading the app, establish your account enter your profile info, find Facebook, Twitter, and/or contacts to follow and then move on to the next steps.

ScreenTribe differs from GetGlue and Miso due to the fact that one can add your television provider and Netflix account to your “Account Details.”  The impetus for doing the latter concerns check-ins.  When checking-in one earns additional points by adding the channel one’s watching, which is verified by the provider information entered.  Adding a Netflix account allows for easy tuning in to one’s recently watched queue.

Start accumulating points by adding your contacts.  The more points one accumulates, the greater one’s chances of winning prizes and more (we’ll cover this shortly), becomes.

Once setup is complete, begin searching for programs or movies by what’s trending, what’s playing at present, or what is in one’s Netflix queue.

Upon finding a program, “Tune In,” earn points by adding your channel number, post a comment, and hit “Tune in Now!”

After you’ve accumulated credits, head to the “Rewards Store” where one can earn real life prizes like movie tickets, t-shirts, or donate credits to charities.

I’ll be the first to admit, I was skeptical about reviewing yet another media check-in app.  That said, ScreenTribe is well-designed, full of neat features, and most importantly, the Netflix integration as well as the ability to earn real life prizes like movie tickets, t-shirts, or donate credits to charities, make this app super neat and one I will definitely use and hope you will too.

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