Try This: Geckoboard. CRM, email, stats and more all in one dashboard

Try This: Geckoboard. CRM, email, stats and more all in one dashboard

Here at TNW, we deal with a lot of different ways to keep things running. Using combinations of products from Twitter, Facebook, 37signals, Clicky and more, it’s easy for things to get lost in a shuffle. Honestly speaking, the same situation applies to so many businesses that it’s a near-wonder that anything ever gets done.

How, then, do you monitor everything that you have going on without creating your own application via API’s or resorting to checking numerous websites? While there haven’t been many viable ways of creating a business dashboard for your company, Gekoboard is looking to change that.

At its heart, Geckoboard brands itself as a real-time business status board. By integrating applications via API from a number of services, Geckoboard allows you to monitor what’s going on with your company, helps you to communicate with it and can even alert you when things go wrong.

Since its inception back in July of this year, Geckoboard has been working hard to add more features and fix bugs that are found along the way. The question that is first asked from the Geckoboard Blog sums up what you might be wondering yourself – “What is a Status Board and Why Do I Need One?”. The answer? Clear and correct:

The status board pulls in the information from wherever it sit, displays it in a way that’s easy to read and refreshes it in a timely manner to ensure it’s always up-to-date.

What we love about Geckoboard is that, since it runs via API, it has spawned a number of other sites that add functionality to it. GeckoboardApps, for instance, is a third-party site that creates application widgets for Gekoboard that are not included in the base product itself. We love the fact that the apps are managed. hosted and supremely simple.

Still not convinced? While I don’t want to show everything that sits “behind the curtain” of TNW, I absolutely want to show you why Geckoboard needs to be on your radar. That said, here’s a look at my own board, and a walk-through of how it works:

So now that you’ve seen it, there’s a good chance that you want in the door, right? The problem, of course, is that Geckoboard is in a private beta. Of course, we’re TNW and we love to pull strings for you when we can. That said, if you want to join in and give your company a running start, you can use this code when signing up:


We, as well as the Geckoboard crew, would love to know your thoughts about the service. From where we’re sitting, it’s an amazing way to bring so many of your necessary features into one place.

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