TryThis: GeoReminder. Location-based reminders with an iPhone

TryThis: GeoReminder. Location-based reminders with an iPhone

TNW Quick Hit

GeoReminder is a new iPhone app for those who need to be reminded about something based on a certain location.

Hits: Perfect app for anyone with forgetful tendencies.  Dead simple to use.

Misses: Background reminding doesn’t work for those with an iPhone 3G and use of the app can severely reduce battery life.

Overall: 3.5/5

The Details:

Task lists are great things provided you remember to enter tasks in need of completion and remember to check your task list when running errands.

There are many really slick note and to-do apps for the iPhone, Put Things Off, Evernote, and ToDo, to name a few.

GeoReminder ($.99) adds a super new element to jogging one’s memory.  Users add reminders that will be triggered upon reaching a location.

To begin, add locations from the Google powered map.

Next, add what item(s) you need to pick up/reminded to pick up, a description, category, and locations where it could be found.

Once you reach a location you have entered into the app, which has an item you need, a push notification alerts you so you won’t forget that which you have to pick up.

GeoReminder works in the background, so one doesn’t have to worry about checking the app. When you reach one of the tagged locations, an alert will pop up.

A couple of things should be noted about GeoReminder.   Even though the app is compatible with the iPhone 3G, background reminding will not work. This is because multitasking is not available on the iPhone 3G.  Moreover, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Absent those disclaimers, GeoReminder is a neat app that can aid anyone, from the most forgetful, to those with a great memory but with many things to carry out.  Especially at holiday time, GeoReminder is an app that could aid anyone who often has an issue with failing to remember to pick up that special gift for that special someone.

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