Try This: Sucuri. Virus, Malware and DNS protection for your website

Try This: Sucuri. Virus, Malware and DNS protection for your website

Here’s your little-known fact of the Saturday: your website is not safe. OK, so maybe it’s not little known but I’d venture to say that many people never think about the need to protect their website from attacks other than the occasional DDoS. Sucuri is a web-based application that hopes to be a one-stop solution for DNS, Whois, SSL and other malware attacks.

The idea is that Sucuri is somewhat like a malware scanner for your website. However, it also provides real-time monitoring of changes to your DNS, Whois and SSL settings. Considering the number of sites that we see which get DNS hijacked or otherwise taken over, this is becoming an important tool to have in your arsenal.

What happens when Sucuri finds a problem? First off, you’ll be alerted via email and Twitter. Then, the Sucuri software will go to work to fix the problem, no matter what it is. Sucuri offers scheduled checks, site monitoring and even a free (although limited) scanner.

Want the full deal? For $90 per year, Sucuri will monitor your single domain every 6 hours. You can get unlimited scanning and 3 complete fixes. Own more domains? Sucuri has plans that cover anywhere from 10 to 50. Oh, and if you’re not in the mood to do a subscription, Sucuri can do a one-shot scane and clean for $70. While the pricing might seem a touch high if you’ve never had a problem, you’ll quickly see the value the first time you’re attacked.

To us, Sucuri seems less like a malware scanner and more along the lines of Soluto for your website. Finding and fixing the little things that can cause big problems puts Sucuri as a service into a class of its own.

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