Try This: TidyPSD. A service to organize your Photoshop mess.

Try This: TidyPSD. A service to organize your Photoshop mess.

You’ll have to color me silly, but I didn’t realize that it’s terribly annoying for a coder or developer to work through my mess of cluttered Photoshop files. Layers and vectors and colors, oh my, TidyPSD can tidy them up for you, but it will set you back a few dollars.

TidyPSD is a service that will take your unorganized elements, get them neatly nested into hirearchal folders, and then send the PSD file back to you once it’s all cleaned and ready. In some cases, those of us on the Photoshop side of the world don’t know how those on the coding side of the world prefer to work and that’s where TidyPSD really shines, for us. Having a Photoshop-literate coder organize your files just makes sense.

Now, the catch – it will cost you $29.

However, if you’re not in the mood to do it yourself, it’s still a great option. It should be noted that there are a number of tutorials across the Internet for making this an easy process to handle on your own, but TidyPSD isn’t about learning, it’s about lazy. Given our penchant for lazy-fied services, we’re happy to pass it on to you.

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