Try This: Drunktender. Turn your night out into a social drinking game

Try This: Drunktender. Turn your night out into a social drinking game

We’ve all been there, at one point or another. You’re wondering if that next shot will put you over a legal limit, or maybe cause you to leave your phone at the bar. Whatever your reason, there’s not been a good way to test your levels until now.

Drunktender is one of those applications that you’ll download but only use on (hopefully) rare occasion. Regardless, it’s an interesting twist to a night out at the bar. As you order drinks, you type the drink name into Drunktender. Drunktender will then respond by not only showing you what’s in the drink, but also allowing you to claim it and show you what your blood alcohol level will be at after you do.

Still not enough? How about turning it into a social experiment with your friends? Drunktender allows you to post your drinks and your BAC to Facebook or send an SMS message. There’s nothing quite like knowing exactly when you’ve consumed the thing that left you face down in the floor, no?

As a bonus to the app, you can also use it as a cookbook, of sorts, for drinks that you’ve been wanting to make. The recipes are plentiful, and there are step-by-step instructions as to how to make each of them. For a free app, that’s a nice value-added piece.

Give Drunktender a try. It’s certainly worth a download whether you’re mixing drinks at home, or at an after party for The Next Web conference.

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