Screach wants to make TV a whole lot more interactive [Video]

Screach wants to make TV a whole lot more interactive [Video]

Here’s a great example of how the worlds of social media and TV are merging.

Last time we looked at ScreenReach, they had some impressive tech in the works that would allow you to interact with any screen from a mobile phone. Now the UK-based startup is ready to get that technology into the hands of users with an app that it hopes will change the way audiences interact with TV.

Screach is the name of the iPhone app due for launch within the next two weeks. Here’s how it works: imagine you’re watching a TV talent show like America’s Got Talent or The X Factor. The TV show announces a Screach code. You open the app on your phone, enter the code and the app becomes a voting panel. You can now vote for your favourite act and then see in real time how the rest of the audience around the country is voting.

As the video below shows, this could transform TV gameshows too, allowing not only for realtime participation but also instant rewards, such as money off vouchers that can be redeemed with the app.

Screach is based on ScreenReach’s open platform, meaning anyone can develop for it. While the startup is in talks with a number of broadcasters about integrating the app into their programmes, the app is likely to launch without any such deals in place. However, users will be able to try it out with unofficial test codes. These will, for example, allow users in the UK to place their own “vote” for acts on The X Factor, seeing in realtime how other users vote.

There’s real potential here and we can’t wait to get our hands on the app soon. This video explains how it works.

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