Try This: Share Facebook photos on your blog with Pocketpix

Try This: Share Facebook photos on your blog with Pocketpix

With Facebook’s enhancements to its photos service, the site is gaining even more popularity in hosting images. The issue with this, though, is that your photos are somewhat locked to Facebook. There isn’t a good way to embed those images into your own blog or other sites. That problem is being resolved by Pocketpix.

Pocketpix, a service from Pixable, will take your photos and tidy them up by album into a gallery that you can then link to on your own blog or even toss onto someone’s Facebook wall. The service is also able to create galleries across your different services (Flickr, Picasa and of course Facebook) and then create a gallery widget for you to embed.

Pixable has been around for a while, offering online manufacture of photobooks. What we love about the site is that it can pull directly from your social media services and you can have a bound, printed book in your hands in only a matter of a few days. Pocketpix is another in a long line of services that Pixable offers, and it works great.

Of course, even if it’s useful, it doesn’t matter much if it’s too ugly to use. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that. The Pocketpix widget actually looks really nice, giving a circular flip motion to the photos as you go through them, without taking up more space on the page:

Now, don’t you go thinking that Pocketpix is coming from simply from the heart of Pixable. You see that option to “Order”, up top? That’s because Pocketpix is made by Pixable, a service that allows you to print your photos from your online galleries. It’s still an interesting twist, though, and we do like the service.

The service is in a private beta, right now. We’re trying to get our hands onto some invitations, but in the mean time you can request  an invitation code directly through the site.

Update: We snagged the code for you, so go nuts – LADYGAGA

Also, if you’d like to print out your Pocketpix, just create one, embed it into your blog and link it here. The first 20, I’ll personally send you a coupon code to print it out and ship it for free.

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