Professional video hosting, fully custom players set 23 Video apart

Professional video hosting, fully custom players set 23 Video apart

The problem with most video hosting sites, as we see it, comes in a lack of features. Either the players can’t be customized enough, or maybe there’s a lack of ability to monetize your video. Maybe you have a limited amount of uploads or views or you are bound to only displaying your video on a computer and not on mobile devices. There are fences everywhere that keep your video contained.

Seeing these limitations, 23 has introduced its newest service called 23 Video. Launched only a couple of days ago, 23 Video is truly unlimited video hosting, with customization that is beyond anything we’ve seen so far.

The features list is huge, but here’s an overview of what impressed us:

  • Unlimited uploads and plays
  • Fully custom players
  • Open Upload allows your viewers to add to your collection
  • Plays everywhere, from desktop to iPhone and Android
  • Full API
  • 100% human customer service
  • Single pricing

The catch? It’s not for everyone. 23 Video will cost you $675 monthly, putting it far out of range for those who just want to host some basic video. However, before you start screaming about prices, please understand that 23 Video isn’t directed at everyone.

23 Video is best used for people who need true, professional video service. Whether that’s your organization, your own business or even something like a larger blog that needs unlimited video service, 23 Video is an amazing choice. Think of someone like Gary Vaynerchuk (who uses Viddler, presently). The amount of videos that he does, combined with the number of views that he gets would make him an ideal cantidate for 23 Video.

Now, take into consideration the features of 23 Video and you’ll start to understand the pricing. The analytics are second-to-none, the video looks amazing and the players are top notch. Combine that with the fact that you can distribute and embed across any number of platforms (or even create an RSS of your videos from your own 23 Video site) and you’re getting a better idea of the pricing. Finally, bear in mind that 23 Video offers truly unlimited uploading, views and space and that $675 starts to seem very reasonable. Need more convincing? Here’s a video from Bil Magasinet TV, showcasing how great the player looks:

Does it look markedly better than anything we’ve ever seen? Not necessarily. But it’s absolutely on par with the best of the online video business. Add to that the rest of the features and 23 Video becomes an amazing choice for hosting your online video.

23 is no stranger to the media and business worlds. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal is one of the founders of 23, which is also responsible for the 23 photo sharing site. Madsen-Mygdal himself sits as the Chairman of Podio, which we’ve written about before as being a “game-changing virtual office”.

So there you have it. Is 23 Video the right choice for you? It’s a decision that only you can make. But if you’re in the market for a truly professional video hosting service, 23 Video needs to be on your radar.

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