Friendly, the best Facebook app for iPad just got a whole lot better

Friendly, the best Facebook app for iPad just got a whole lot better

With still no formal Facebook app for the iPad, independent developers continue to work on third-party creations to bring the popular social network to your slate computer.

One of the best known, Friendly, just released its third version, bringing updates that finally make the app worth your time.

The application can now support multiple accounts, photo uploading, birthday reminders, and now launches more quickly and crashes less often. However, what matters more is what is going on behind the scenes, Friendly is finally a full application.

Before – and Friendly took some rather unfriendly fire for this – the app was more of a restyled version of the Facebook website than a complete application. In this version three release, Friendly actually pulls data from Facebook Connect meaning that it now is, at long last, a real app.

Friendly costs $0.99 can can be found on iTunes here. In our testing the application had some loading and login issues, but apart from that lived up to the internal hype. Here are some screens of the app in use, via our friends over at MacStories:

The last question on our minds is just when will Facebook bring us a real iPad app?

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