Natter: Synchronizing conversations between Twitter and Facebook

Natter: Synchronizing conversations between Twitter and Facebook

While there are a number of choices for cross-platform choices, the pain in using them is that you’ll generally have conversations happening on both Twitter and Facebook because of posting a single message to both places. Natter is a Rails Rumble project that looks to simplify your life by combining your conversations as the missing link between the two sites.

To start, all you need to do is authenticate both of your accounts, using oAuth, on the Natter site. Then if you post to Twitter, then use the #fb hashtag, your message will post to Facebook as well, the same as if you’re using Selective Tweets. What’s really cool about Natter, though, is that your conversations and replies will post across the two sites as well:

Interestingly, Natter also goes a step further by turning names into Twitter names and vice versa. This way, when you post a message to @whomever it will post to Facebook using their real name.

So what about the alternatives? First off, there are services such as Ping.FM and HelloTxt. They’re both great choices for posting status messages to multiple locations. The issue, of course, is that your messages are still singular and the conversations that will ensue around them won’t be integrated.

From what we’ve found, there really isn’t another option that does with Natter can do. That, combined with the understanding that it was a project that was put together in only 48 hours, makes it a really compelling product. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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