Leatherbound: Comparison pricing for eBooks

Leatherbound: Comparison pricing for eBooks

TNW Quick Hit

Leatherbound is an application that will let you search for ebooks, then comparison price them among Kindle, iBooks and Nook formats.

Loved: Quick pricing comparison. Slick interface.

Hated: We had some issues pulling results. We’re told that it’s fixed now, but be forewarned.

Overall: 3/5

The Details

When you’re a reading addict, chances are that you have more than one way to read an ebook. For iPad owners, that’s often the choice between iBooks and Kindle for iPad. Of course, not forgetting about Nook, as the Barnes and Noble reader continues to gain traction. So how do you find the best price for an ebook? Leatherbound.

Leatherbound will let you enter the name of a book, then it will find the book of your choosing across all three stores and tell you the prices for each. The search is in depth, pulling not only the book itself but also giving results for study guides and the like if applicable.

Built as a weekend project for the Rails Rumble competition, Leatherbound has turned out to be a great resource for those who are addicted to reading but still want the best prices. Oh, and once you find a great price, you can then tweet it out to your friends using a built-in tweet button.

Put simply, Leatherbound is where you need to start when you’re looking for a new book.

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