My favorite news reader, my6sense for Android, gets some hefty upgrades

My favorite news reader, my6sense for Android, gets some hefty upgrades

my6sense, which we talked about back in September, has quickly grown into my favorite way to read news on my Droid. While there are offerings that do a great job of aggregation, nothing beats the intuition factor of my6sense. Having an application that can truly get to know you and your preferences is such a time saver, but it’s true genius comes in its ability to find the things you wouldn’t find yourself.

Since its launch on the Android platform, it has seen more than 10,000 downloads and continues to make real improvements with each release. Today, with the release of version 1.3, you’ll see this:

  • Better Buzz: Read full Buzz posts in your my6sense Buzz stream, and share content with full previews to Buzz
  • Twitter Tweaks: You can now send replies and direct messages from your Twitter stream
  • Set Sorting: ‘Remember my last sorting mode’. Per your requests, we adjusted the app so that when you sort a stream by time or relevance, that sorting becomes the default view for that particular stream.
  • Improved Items: Bringing you a more dynamic stream view with regards to read and skipped items
  • Twelve hr Time filter: Added 12 hour time filter for relevant items (see ‘Menu’->’Settings’ in the app homescreen)
  • Instapaper! Save items to instapaper from the app

For those of you who have been using the app for any length of time, you’ll understand immediately how great these changes are. For the rest of you, simply know that the my6sense team has gone to work coming up with answers to all of the major questions we long-time users have asked.

You can grab my6sense, for free, from the Android Market. Please do, and be prepared to not make up your mind about it for around two weeks. Because of the learning algorithm, the application simply gets better every time you touch it.

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