Gmail fail? Clean up your inbox with Find Big Mail

Gmail fail? Clean up your inbox with Find Big Mail

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Find Big Mail aids those who have run out of space in their Gmail account by categorizing your mail by size, generating reports based on an analysis of your inbox.

Loved: Find Big Mail provides all the information above after only 3 easy steps, and places a tremendous amount of focus on privacy lest that concern you.

Hated: Absolutely nothing.

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

If you are a Gmail user or are thinking about converting to Gmail because of the vast amount inbox storage Google provides, note that Gmail does have its limits.  Storage limits that is.  I know, the notion is mind-boggling to me as well.

Enter Find Big Mail, a free app that requires three easy steps to get your Gmail inbox storage issues back in order.

How does Find Big Mail work? Follow these three steps:

1. Enter your email address.  Note: If you’re not already logged into Google, you will be prompted, by Google, for your password, an important security feature of Find Big Mail.  The app will never ask you for your password, and Google will not reveal it.

2.  Confirm access to your account for Find Big Mail.  Access can be revoked at any time.

3. Once Find Big Mail completes its analysis, the site claims it can take between 5 and 60 minutes to receive the stats for your inbox.  For me it took 20.   Once the analysis is returned you’ll see up to three new labels created in your Gmail sidebar and receive an email with a report and graphs about your email sizes.

Find Big Mail isn’t a fun way to clean out your inbox like The Email Game, but that doesn’t take away from its usefulness.  Find Big Mail is a grand way to parse out large emails you receive and clean up your inbox, affording you more space for emails you care to keep.

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