Gramcentral Aggregates And Displays Instagram Pics

Gramcentral Aggregates And Displays Instagram Pics

+2 for dead simple, “why didn’t I think of that?” browser-based apps. Last night we brought you the brilliant and today we’re bringing you the equally brilliant Gramcentral, which is a pretty little browser app that aggregates and displays recent Instagram photos.

If you haven’t tried out Instagram yet, it was released last week and is already a popular app for taking quick snapshots on iOS devices.

As you can see below, the app’s creator (Juan Sanchez) made a very clever little design decision: it shows the Instagram pics as polaroids hung up on a line to dry. Mouse over any of the pics, and you get the pic title, author and a Facebook Like button to share (obviously, a tweet button as well would be ideal, but we’re not complaining). Also, type in any Flickr username that is associated with an Instagram account, and you can see just that user’s photos.

Dead simple app, and dead gorgeous too.

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