MarkUp. A dead simple way to markup any webpage

MarkUp.  A dead simple way to markup any webpage

TNW Quick Hit

MarkUp allows one to draw on any webpage.  Any webpage.

Love It: MarkUp is dead simple to use, and by allowing one to draw on any webpage, one can quickly annotate items, or share your thoughts and ideas.

Hate It: Bookmarklet can sometimes be a little slow to launch.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

MarkUp is a free service that affords anyone the ability to draw on a web page, using a variety of shapes, colors, and more.

One can easily capture thoughts, share ideas, annotate markups, and more.   Through the share feature, one can collaborate with others on markups by responding to the URL you send them.

The grand thing about MarkUp is that the service works in your browser, so there’s nothing to download and install.

To begin using MarkUp, simply drag the “Get MarkUp” icon into your bookmarks bar. That’s it.  The next time you want to markup a webpage, click the bookmarklet which launches the MarkUp toolbar.

MarkUp specifically allows one to:

  • Draw on any webpage with MarkUp

  • Stay in your browser; nothing to download
  • Get MarkUp by adding bookmarklet
  • Make shapes with the Magic Marker
  • Write with the Text tool
  • Publish to share your ideas

I cannot stress how easy MarkUp is to use and how useful it is.  There is nothing not to like about MarkUp.  It’s a grand service, and one that will get used time and again by yours truly and his collaborators.

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