Synnk turns your email into an event creation platform

Synnk turns your email into an event creation platform

TNW Quick Hit

Synnk is an interesting twist to event planning where you can start and manage an event right from your email.

Love It: Simplicity. Really easy to start and organize. Invite anyone with an email address. Manage your event from the site as well. No need to sign up for a site.

Hate It: More email? Ouch. If you could manage everything from your email I’d love it, though implementing could be confusing.

Overall: 3/5

The Details

While sites such as Facebook and its ilk are trying to do better event planning, applications such as Synnk are making it happen. Sometimes you’ll want to plan something, but you don’t know all the details from the start. This is where Synnk really shines. You can simply start your event by emailing [email protected] with the name as the subject, then any details in the body. Synnk will then reply to you with a link to your event page where you can continue to work:

So let’s say that you’re planning a fall get-together, but you’re not certain of location or who all you’d like to invite. Synnk answers those problems with grace by allowing others to invite to your event if you so choose, and giving a platform for collaboration to figure out fine points of location, time, etc. Once everyone is invited, you can then collaborate to find out the When, Where and Who of your event while adding more people if necessary.

As far as beauty in simplicity, Synnk does it well. While the site itself might not be the prettiest thing you’ve seen, it works great and does what it says. Give it a shot, let us know what you think.

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