Traindom: Make money by selling what you know, not what you have

Traindom: Make money by selling what you know, not what you have

As e-learning continues to pick up speed, there are many people finding out that they’re in a perfect position to market their knowledge and actually make money from it. So let’s say that you have a blog and you know some in depth information about using DSLR cameras. Instead of just giving away all of your knowledge for free, why not sell e-learning courses directly over top of your existing site?

Traindom helps you to do just that. By providing an online platform where you can create courses from and sell your knowledge, Traindom is tapping into a market that many people didn’t even realized existed. The big issues, such as how to monetize and how to implement your courses are both solved with Traindom.

Without going hugely in depth, we’ll just tell you that Traindom makes it really easy to add content and create online training courses. Since it’s all web based, you’re able to add and update content whenever you want, so that as things change you can stay up to date. You can also accept payments, create membership sites, build in Google Analytics and much more without having to worry about the technical aspects yourself.

Worried that Traindom might not be for you? I was too, right up until I took a broad look at what I know. Here are some examples that Traindom gives:

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but then I read about another great feature: Traindom is free until you get established. Until you have 10 customers with full access (meaning that they’ve paid you), then Traindom doesn’t charge you a cent. Honestly, you don’t have anything to lose to give it a shot.

Now…to figure out if information about deep frying old electronics is really marketable…

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