Any New Books? Is A Killer App For Serious Readers

Any New Books? Is A Killer App For Serious Readers

Do you read more than your friends? Do you enjoy a good read several times a month? If so, you are missing out on dozens of books every week that are perfectly up your alley.

Why is that? Because more books are published every day than you probably read in a good year, and to filter down the new releases is rather difficult. You just can’t do it as an individual. But what if you could keep track of only the books that you have a good chance of wanting to read, and do it with no work?

That is the idea behind Any New Books?, a new service that helps anyone who loves to read find new books simply. How does it work? Any New Books? sorts the best new releases into 42 different genres, letting you select the type of book that you want to read with rather high precision.

Then Any New Books? hand selects (literally, by hand) a top list of new titles from the genres you picked and sends you a weekly email containing their choices. It’s as simple as that.

Why are the founders taking on the project which is surely more trouble than it is financially lucrative? They claim to be “passionate about reading and books,” more than enough reason to create this application.

I just signed up, I’m rather curious as to what my first recommendations are going to be.

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