“Drops” what you’re doing and get Droplr for iPhone.

“Drops” what you’re doing and get Droplr for iPhone.

Droplr Desktop is one of my favorite applications for Mac OS X.  Droplr, for those unfamiliar with the service,  is an app that makes sharing anything, from photos, files, links and more, simple, and then allows one to share the content with a Droplr returned URL in which a user can share by Twitter, email or other means.

How specifically does Droplr work?  Droplr Desktop allows one to upload things to Droplr by one of three methods:

  1. Drag and drop on the menubar icon.
  2. Drag and drop on the dock icon.
  3. Or by using a system-wide keyboard key combination.

Droplr is dead simple to use, is free, and something I cannot live without.

For more on the free, desktop service, watch the video below:

Now, what was previously available only on one’s desktop has made its way to the iPhone with an official app, Droplr for iPhone ($3.99).  Droplr for iPhone, like Droplr Desktop, makes sharing easy, and doesn’t require a login once you add your Twitter account.

After launching the iPhone app, you will see a screen displaying your “drops,” images and video files will have a thumbnail representing the file, links will have an icon resembling Safari’s compass, and notes from the app have an icon of yellow legal pad paper and a pencil.  Moreover, files you upload from your Mac will show up in the app as well.

Tapping on a file will afford one a couple of options, Quick Look (either in-app or mobile Safari), Copy (the file link), Email, Tweet, or Delete.  Pretty straightforward.  You can view the link, copy the link, email it to another, or Tweet with your added comments using Twitter.com, Twitter for iPhone, Echofon/Pro, Icebird, Twittelator, and Twitterrific.

Additional features of Droplr for iPhone include background uploads of files, canceling an upload by tapping the ‘x’ next to the upload progress, search as you type, and more.

While other desktop apps, such as CloudApp, have similar features to that of Droplr Desktop, Droplr Desktop combined with Droplr for iPhone really make Droplr a tremendous service.  If you haven’t tried Droplr Desktop, I highly urge you to do so, then check out Droplr for iPhone and enjoy.

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