Pulse for iPad updated, adding 60 feeds, tabbed organization and more.

Pulse for iPad updated, adding 60 feeds, tabbed organization and more.

Pulse News Reader for iPad is without a doubt one of the best RSS readers on the iPad.

After updating their app by adding 5 additional feeds, following features and personal blogs powered by Posterous, today the Alphonso Labs team has released a slough of new features that make this great app even better.

In version 2.0, you’ll find:

  • 60 sources.  A whopping 3 times the original number and up from 25 in the previous update.
  • Tabs for the extra feeds added.
  • Improved organization of feeds.
  • A new feature called “Pulse Bizarre” which allows one to discover new and interesting sources.
  • Speed improvements Pulse users will notice instantly.

Upon updating, one is presented with the following screen:

The amount of new sources, combined with the superb design of the app, result in the app appearing as follows:

Once you select your tab, the user interface is the same as Pulse users have always experienced.

Adding additional feeds, new tabbed organization, speed improvements, along with the previous follow methods and partnership with Posterous, greatly enhance what is already a tremendous app.  Grab your iPad, update Pulse News Reader and explore the grand new features.  If you don’t have Pulse, get it here and experience the joy!

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