Shelfluv – Gorgeous, instant Amazon search

Shelfluv – Gorgeous, instant Amazon search

Ever since Google unveiled instant search, developers have been trying to outdo each other with “instant” search for popular web services. While they’ve mostly been useful, finally here’s one that throws gorgeous looks into the mix too.

Shelfluv makes searching’s book catalog a breeze. In fact we’d say Amazon should give developer Pek Pongpaet a job and integrate this into its site.

The site shows two bookshelves. As you type in words, the books on the shelves change. It’s a simple and effective idea and is beautifully executed. Just like Google Instant, the site encourages exploration of things you never knew existed as the books on screen change. Click a book and its own dedicated screen opens containing extra details and a link to buy it.

We assume Pongpaet is getting a cut of sales via Amazon’s affiliate scheme, and quite right too. The app has this week won “Best Overall App” at the midVentures Hackathon event.

Right, I’m off to spend more time and money buying books I never knew I wanted.

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