Daileez makes journaling, microblogging and more an easy, daily, experience.

Daileez makes journaling, microblogging and more an easy, daily, experience.

TNW Quick Hit

Daileez is a unique diary, journal and life stream microblog that lets you record your day-to-day life in the form of icons, short texts, summaries and status reports right from your iPhone and/or iPod touch.

Love It: Grand method of keeping a journal or diary, but who don’t want to spend too much time writing.

Hate It: Really, absolutely, nothing.

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

For over a month now, since being introduced to the service by our @BradTNW, my wife and I have used OhLife.  Quoting Brad, “OhLife is a web-based journal application that, while remaining completely private, has its own little ways to prod you into writing daily. Each night at 8pm, you’ll get an email asking “how did your day go”.  Respond to that email and your daily entry is posted in your OhLife journal.”

The service is easy to use, and the daily reminder is anything but intrusive.  That said, it’s limited to text you enter when responding to OhLife’s nightly email.  Enter Daileez.

Daileez (free) works on your schedule, providing a fresh, simple and quick way to record what’s happening right now in your life.  Anything you want to capture, can be easily done so using your iPhone and/or iPod touch.

Daileez allows one to use icons to express moods/thoughts/ feelings, and all the activities and events going on in your life. Further, Daileez can help track your exercise and weight loss progress, act as a microblogging platform with your own subdomain : “yournick.daileez.com” and connects to both Facebook and Twitter to share what you choose with your social network contacts.

Daileez also features:

• Use of icons to write make a journal/diary entry
• Write short text summaries and status reports to comment on your life
• Track your weight capabilities
• Microblog on your own subdomain (yournick.daileez.com)
• Ability to choose between a private or public diary
• Publishing via Facebook and Twitter
• Browse statistics about your past, comparing different periods in your life
• Browse what people did all around the world yesterday or any other day

Daileez data is synced and stored on a secure server at Daileez.com, so you won’t lose your diary even if your phone’s lost or broken.  Further, with Daileez, you can work with no internet connection and sync it once you get online.

Daileez is a unique app, full of features and easy for anyone to use.  If you are a journal keeper, or want to begin tracking important things in your life, Daileez is the app for you and you and you.

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