Miso makes media checkins more social with updates.

Miso makes media checkins more social with updates.

Miso, an iPhone, iPad, Android and web application, allows one to check in to your favorite television programs and movies.

Using Miso one can add friends from Facebook and Twitter, post status updates with respect to what you are currently watching to each of those social networks, as well as comment on what others are viewing as well

Today Miso has announced an update to its already grand product.  On their blog, they write:

“For the last 6 months, we have been focused on making it fun and easy to share what you watch with your friends. This has been mostly about the check-in.

But we wanted Miso to be more than just checking in. We want to change the way you watch TV — to make it better, more fun, and more social. So today we are taking our first big step in this direction with a brand new update to our website.”

Now with Miso one can:

  • Connect with TV Fans. Comment on shows, engage in a dialogue, share interesting links, and easily see what your friends have posted.
  • Follow Shows. Following a show brings comments and related news back to your home page stream.
  • Earn More Points. The more you contribute on Miso the more points you get it.
  • New Notification System. When friends check-in or comment you’ll get real time notifications on the web.
  • Send Private Messages. Sent messages to your friends and other Miso users – just like email — all within Miso!

Miso has added grand features to its website, and will soon do the same for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

To me, Miso represents Gowalla, where its chief competitor, GetGlue, represents Foursquare with respect to media check in features.  The former two take their time, developing a great, polished product that users truly enjoy.  The latter two grab the headlines for their corporate partnerships and new features by the second.

I prefer the Miso/Gowalla method, but in all honesty use all four services because they are all truly different, which in part, is what makes following them all so enjoyable.

What, if any media check in service do you use?  Your reasoning behind using the service that you do?

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