Forget Google, Check Out Bing Instant

Forget Google, Check Out Bing Instant

Yes, Google made a big splash with their new Instant search, but what about Bing? No, Microsoft has not caught up to the real instant experience that Google offers, but a lone developer has hacked together a pretty useful fake version of what could be Bing Instant.

The developer, Venkata Uma Lakkakula claims to have built the app in a single day, an amazing feat. Oddly, Venkata is very humble; if I had built an app this surprisingly good I would be trumpeting it from the hills. This is what it looks like:

It is an experience built off of the Bing APIs and some low-key timing settings, meaning that it is somewhat laggy in use, but for a hacked together application is still quick enough to use. According to the developer, this is how it works:

1. User starts typing keywords

2. Wait about 100 milliseconds between each key stroke (coz most of the geeks type faster than ajax can handle). And it is not wise to come in between user keystrokes, its like disrespect to the geek who is trying to form his search keyword.

3. When user pauses briefly (just about more than 100 milliseconds), make a call to bing suggest api to get the suggestions

4. Take the first suggestion and make another call to bing search api to get actual search results and of course show it on the page

5. That is it friends, you have bing predicted instant search results.

So that is it, go check out BingInstant!

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