Squace for iPhone tidies up your bookmarks and more, tile style.

Squace for iPhone tidies up your bookmarks and more, tile style.

Squace is a social mobile browser that lets you use and share mobile services, content, and information across platforms. The service goes further than that, however.

The really neat thing about Squace is that all of one’s bookmarks, contacts, RSS-feeds, and more are presented in tile form.  The reasoning?  To present more information in a smaller space.

Moreover, Squace allows one to organize and read all bookmarks from one’s web browser on mobile devices, and now this feature has been added to the iPhone with the release of Squace for iPhone (free).  The Squace App lets you use, handle and share your mobile bookmarks in a new easy and smart way.

The Squace iPhone experience features squares where each square represents one bookmark. As you move your finger over the grid, a tooltip displays the title of that square. Click on the title to open the bookmark.

The app features:

  • Save bookmarks to Squace from PC browsers
  • Save bookmarks from Squace
  • Sort by behavioral; most used, latest added, unread, unsorted
  • Organize your mobile bookmarks in personalized bundles
  • Navigate in grid, list or icon view
  • Search bookmarks, contacts or google
  • Share your mobile bookmark
  • Upload your mobile contact book to Squace
  • Administrate your account on both mobile and web
  • Use the built in browser or iPhone default browser
  • Call from your contact book in Squace
  • iOS 4 compatibility including multitasking

Here are some screen shots of Squace for iPhone:

Home Screen:

Selecting a tile reveals bookmark(s):

Select a contact from within Squace and call them directly:

To get started sign up for a Squace account here and get the iPhone app here. If you’re a Squace user, do you use only Squace, Firefox Home,  another service, or a combination?

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