Interstate: Project roadmaps, done exceptionally well.

Interstate: Project roadmaps, done exceptionally well.

TNW Quick Hit

Interstate is a web-based application that lets businesses and developers create project roadmaps.

Love It: Really clean interface. Huge set of features

Hate It: Adding another step to project management, on a different platform.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

When you’re managing a project, setting a roadmap for your goals is always a great place to start. Interstate does just that, but gives you considerably more features as well. In fact, if you’ll take a look at the front page, the site even gives you a roadmap of its own projects, such as Alerted Archiving, Activity-Based Feeds and Tooltip-Based Introductions.

For now, you’re still able to create roadmaps, embed them, manage your staff, track development of new features and even use the site’s API to integrate Interstate wherever you please.

Interstate, according to one of the site’s founders, has been in beta for just over a month with the latest version launching only a few days ago on the 15th of September.  A full listing of the changes for the newest release can be found on the Interstate blog, but the short story is that the latest update is nearly a ground-up reworking of the site.

For now, Interstate is still in beta, and requires an invitation to use it. However, you know us here at TNW and we’re not ones to leave you hanging. If you want to give Interstate a try, enter the code “thenextweb” and the first 60 to do so will be in roadmap glory.

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