Facebook unofficially creating official iPad app.

Facebook unofficially creating official iPad app.

According to a story on Buisiness Insider, Facebook is working on an iPad-specific app, which will debut soon.

Facebook, after updating their iPhone app with Places, their checkin feature which I have used 1 time, has given no hints about an iPad app, that is until today, or so it seems.

Business Insider cites a conversation with Cyril Moutran of Oecoway, the developer of Friendly, a $0.99 Facebook app which very slickly mimics Facebook’s site, and which is one of the most popular apps in the app store, who reveals that Facebook is indeed working on its own app for the iPad.

From the story:

“Based on talks with with people at Facebook, Moutran says Facebook is building its own iPad app, and he infers it will be coming out soon. (Of course, he says that could be 2 months from now, or 6 months.)”

After thinking about it and commenting below, here’s why Facebook would create their own app.

  1. Photo uploads – Facebook obviously wants you to upload your photos, and they want you to do so through their app, not that of another.
  2. Places – Out at a coffee shop?  Giving a presentation? Teaching or taking a class?  Check in using Places with a dedicated iPad app.
  3. Hot Potato –  When Facebook acquired Hot Potato I was none to pleased.  I loved Hot Potato.  After Places though, what does Facebook tackle next?  The success of media check in services like GetGlue and Miso.  Hot Potato’s talent and an iPad app can help them do this.

Of course, when we learn more, we will let you know.  Does the absence of an official Facebook app for the iPad bother you at all, or do you use Friendly, another app, or simply one of the iPad’s web-browsing options to check Facebook?

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