Bing Climbs To Number Two While Google Lays Flat

Bing Climbs To Number Two While Google Lays Flat

Google is not growing and Microsoft is grabbing search engine market share? If that is not a sign of coming apocalypse I don’t know what is.

It’s true folks, Bing is now the second largest search engine, pushing Yahoo to third place. Google is sitting pat on 65% of the search market, not budging an inch. Bing grew to a total of 13.9% of the market while Yahoo slipped to 13.1%.

As you well know, Microsoft is now powering Yahoo search results, meaning the flip-flop in market share is not as important as it might seem in terms of total searches through Bing technology, but it does point to a strong consumer uptake of the standalone version of Bing. People like what they are seeing and are not just using Bing once, but twice a week.

The search market is perhaps the largest battleground online given its massively profitability; the winner of the war is a very rich company indeed. The old rule of thumb that each percent of the search market was worth a billion dollars now feels out of date, it feels to low.

Expect Bing to continue eating market share from everyone that is not Google. When Google and Bing do clash in the future, it will mark a new age of search.

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