Prezi launches Prezi Meeting to create presentations that pop.

Prezi launches Prezi Meeting to create presentations that pop.

Prezi has added some neat new features to its already slick product.

What’s Prezi? According to their site:

“At Prezi, we prefer not to follow trends. Instead, we learn about culture and respond with technology. We believe in humanity’s desire for creativity and self-expression.”

With that goal in mind, Prezi has added to its slideless presentation platform and launched “Prezzi Meeting.”

Prezi Meeting allows users to work together in real-time, whether in the same room or in separate locations, near and far.

“Prezi Meeting is the ideal way to brainstorm collaboratively and share thoughts with team members from disparate locations,” said Michael Fauscette, group Vice President of Software Solutions, IDC.

“Unlike traditional slide-based presentation tools, Prezi lets users zoom in and out to examine the big picture and focus on details, which is great for creating and showing compelling messages,” said Peter Arvai, chief executive officer Prezi, Inc. “Now, with Prezi Meeting, teams around the world can work together in real time or simply present prezis to each other.”

Here’s how Prezi Meeting works:

  • Originators of presentations — or “prezis” — email an invitation with a special URL to designated editing collaborators.
  • Recipients open the prezi by pasting the URL into any web browser.
  • Once designated team members have opened the same link, users “see” invited collaborators as individual animated avatars on the shared prezi canvas.
  • Collaborators can easily explore the prezi together, then add their own ideas in the form of text, images, and videos while watching their colleagues do the same.
  • Team members talk their way through the collaborative editing process using such Web-based communications tools as Skype.
  • Text, images, and videos added to the prezi are visible to all collaborators simultaneously, giving remote team members the sensation of being in the same creative space together.
  • When the brainstorming, collaboration, and editing of the prezi are completed to the team’s satisfaction, any participant can switch to Show mode and present the prezi to anyone with a browser without the need for additional web meeting tools.

Here’s a nice little video from the folks at prezi:

Prezi is a grand presentation product, endorsed by the equally as grand Robert Scoble, “if you want to do better presentations, you should visit the Presentation Zen blog, and you should use Prezi instead of Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you’ve tried Prezi, what do you like/dislike about it?  If you are a die-hard PowerPoint or Keynote user, will you give Prezi a look as an alternative?

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