The allure of SocialNet’s features will catch, and please, anyone with an iPhone.

The allure of SocialNet’s features will catch, and please, anyone with an iPhone.

TNW Quick Hit

SocialNet allows one to manage Facebook and Twitter on the iPhone, while also aggregating a multitude of other internet information in one easy-to-use app.

Love It: Nice user interface.  Ability to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously in addition to adding live feeds for a great deal of other web content is a deft move by the developer.

Hate It: Not for the Twitter or Facebook power user.

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

If you follow applications of any sort, mobile, browser-based or other, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?, several things would become real clear, real quick.  The first being that at least a few new Facebook or Twitter apps for the iPhone/iPod touch are released every day.  The second is that the same goes for apps that aggregate RSS and/or news feeds.

SocialNet ($.99) is an app that falls into both of the categories listed above, but also manages to add so much more in an easy-to-use, nicely designed, app.

SocialNet is an integrated Facebook and Twitter client, which also aggregates web content from many other sources.  What does this mean to you?  Now you can, should you choose to purchase the app, replace multiple apps for social networks, news readers, email clients, blog readers, and more, into a single app, SocialNet.

SocialNet’s social network features:

  • Post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.
  • Monitor Facebook and Twitter feeds from one app.
  • Ability to add additional social networks through SocialNet’s live feeds feature.

SocialNet’s live feed features:

  • Lightweight, easy to manage,  content aggregator.
  • Interface optimized for media consumption on mobile platforms.
  • Customizable live feeds for any web content, including: news sites, email, blogs, and more.  SocialNet also offers direct links to CNN, Yahoo, Gmail, Digg, Google RSS Reader, CNBC, TV Guide and more for easy addition.
  • Copy and share interesting links with your friends and/or the FeedShare forum

FeedShare features:

  • FeedShare is a community driven Facebook forum to exchange interesting feeds and web content among SocialNet users.
  • Monitor the forum from within the app to discover fresh content and share your favorites with the community.

SocialNet is a grand app that does so much, is extremely easy to use, and creates a new method, FeedShare, for user to share information right from within the app. SocialNet is an app anyone who uses Twitter, Facebook, email, seeks breaking news and more, should definitely research further.  I highly recommend it and I think you, the reader, will enjoy it equally as much as I do.

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