Read all about it! Newsworthy for iPhone takes your money and gives you nothing.

Read all about it! Newsworthy for iPhone takes your money and gives you nothing.

TNW Quick Hit

Newsworthy provides its users with the news thats’ happening now, from all news sources.

Love It: Customizable topics, clean interface, instant news retrieval.

Hate It: Expensive iPhone app that only offers one option to share stories one finds when using the app.

Overall: 2/5

The Details:

I am a news fiend.  As one may surmise most of that news is tech-related, but I also enjoy other subjects; politics, sports, and entertainment.  With that background, I was excited to try Newsworthy for iPhone ($2.99).  My excitement quickly disappeared.

Newsworthy for iPhone claims to change “the way you find and read news on your iPhone.”  At $2.99 it changes very little when it should change a great a deal.

Newsworthy says the app works by downloading the latest news from all news websites (no way to independently verify that).  While the app does provide you with news, there are no push notifications, so how do you know if the app is providing you the latest news absent remaining in the app 24/7?  A bold claim by the app that one cannot verify.

Some of the other features of Newsworthy include:

  • Latest news updated constantly
  • No monthly subscription fees, and stories from all sources, not just one.
  • Fast: don’t wait forever to read the news, headlines are loaded almost instantly. Great for quickly catching up on news when you have a few spare seconds.
  • Reading articles is like reading a book – all visual clutter is removed so all you see is the news article in an easy to read format, not crammed inside a web page.
  • Easy to use, with a clean, simple layout.
  • Instapaper support.
  • Email story links without leaving the App.

The app’s developer wants you to know the following “* Please note – it’s not an RSS reader. It find stories for your topics for you, so all stories and articles are handled by the app. *”

Let’s recap, the app is more expensive than more feature-rich apps that aggregate news, Pulse, for instance, only allows you to share stories in one way, and makes bold claims such as: latest news downloaded from all news websites, and headline loading is fast but load only “almost instantly.”

Newsworthy is newsworthy only because it is expensive for a news aggregator while lacking any new features, or really any features for that matter.  If you’ve tried Newsworthy, what are your impressions?

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